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In the past two years, Gillian Anderson has played two of the most influential female figures who ever lived. First, there was her performance as Margaret Thatcher on Netflix’s The Crown, which won her an Emmy; next, she’ll star as Eleanor Roosevelt in Showtime’s limited series The First Lady. Sandwiched between those parts is another historical character: the scene-stealing detour Anderson takes on season two of Hulu’s The Great,  playing the “shockingly manipulative and self-serving” Joanna.

Joanna is mother to Elle Fanning’s Catherine the Great, a woman who brands herself the “maestro of marriage” for orchestrating her daughters’ high-profile unions. But Catherine’s recent coup has complicated her next advantageous match—another daughter’s betrothal to France’s Louis XIV. As it turns out, overthrowing one’s husband (Nicholas Hoult’s Peter) doesn’t do wonders for the family name.

Her arrival “brings out this teenage side of Catherine that we haven’t seen where she’s just striving so hard to be perfect for her mom,” Fanning tells Vanity Fair. “She can’t ever quite impress her the way that she wants to. Even though she’s like, ‘I’ve taken over this whole country and look what I’ve done,’ it’s still not enough.”

That very coldness is what attracted Anderson to the role. “I found her incredibly enigmatic and disturbing, and I didn’t feel like I’d really played someone quite like her before, which is always a plus in my book,” Anderson says. “I’ve played very serious characters for most of my career, so anytime there’s an opportunity to play and have fun and push boundaries and exploit, I like to jump right in there.”

It was clear from the start that Anderson was ready to shed Margaret Thatcher’s helmet-like hair and cobalt blue power suits. “It was funny, because everyone on set was a bit like, ‘Oh, my gosh, like Gillian Anderson’s here,’” Fanning says. “I would realize when Gillian was on set, everyone was kind of on their best behavior and we’re all being more proper. But that quickly dissolved because Gillian was just as silly and crazy with us.”

There’s a dearth of information about the real Joanna Elisabeth of Holstein-Gottorp, but Anderson says one fact encapsulates the character’s warped priorities.  When Joanna finally went to Russia to visit Catherine, she had “used up her own daughter’s clothing allowance, or dowry” in order to “outfit herself in the latest clothes.” Says Anderson, “The real-life Joanna did not have her daughter’s best interest at heart.”

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The gallery has been updated with HQ photos of Gillian Anderson at The Fashion Awards, enjoy!

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Gillian Anderson is one of the world’s biggest stars.

She came to huge fame as Dana Scully in X-Files back in the 90s and since the she has graced many TV shows and movies.

She even played Margaret Thatcher in The Crown and now she plays another villain in the new Aardman movie, Robin Robin.

Being a superfan of Aardman Animations it was easy for her to snap up the role of ‘Cat’ but had no idea she would have to sing!

(Don’t worry she pulls it off brilliantly in character!)

Alison Curtis on Weekend Breakfast spoke to Gillian about the new movie, which is fabulous!


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The gallery has been updated with HD screencaptures of Gillian Anderson’s guest episodes from season 2 of “The Great”.

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The gallery has been updated with first photos of Gillian Anderson as Eleanor Roosevelt in “The First Lady”

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Take a look in the gallery for a few HQ photos of Gillian Anderson at the Awards Ceremony for Fashion Trust Arabia Prize.

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The gallery has been updated with screencaptures of 3 movies of Gillian Anderson, bringing the site to be up-to-date complete with all her projects on the big and small screen.