December 3, 2013  •  Leave a Reply

The 45-year-old actress, who played Scully on the cult TV show, bared all apart from the massive sea creature which helped protect her modesty. The eye-catching picture, published today, was taken to support Fishlove – a campaign against deep-sea trawling in European waters. The revealing image was part of a collection taken by French portrait photographer Denis Rouvre.

Other celebrities who also stripped off for the camera included actress Olivia Williams and rapper Goldie. Campaigners say deep sea fishing is washing out ecosystems the size of London every day. The images have been released ahead of a crucial vote on December 10 in the European Parliament to ban the practice.

Nicholas Röhl, who founded the campaign with actress Greta Scacchi, said: “What is really shocking is that deep sea fishing is wholly dependant on taxpayer’s money for its survival. “The practice is not only environmentally but also economically unsustainable.”

Campaigners have also launched a petition for those wishing to support the cause. It is looked to receive 10,000 signatures and send a messages to MEPs over deep sea fishing. To sign the petition click here.