June 7, 2015  •  Leave a Reply

Fox’s highly-anticipated revival of The X-Files is about to get underway, and it looks like everyone involved is as excited as the rest of us.

Stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson have both taken to Twitter to share their preparations for filming, and behind-the-scenes crew is getting in on the action too. Filming is scheduled to begin this Monday, June 8, for a January 24, 2016 premiere. The limited series will consist of just six episodes, and is expected to tie up loose ends from the original show’s nine-year run — most prominently, the alien invasion conspiracy.

Gillian Anderson, who plays Dana Scully on the show, has most recently been seen on TV on NBC’s Hannibal, where she was blonde. But that won’t do for The X-Files. Everybody knows Scully is a redhead. Happily, Anderson is on top of things.

Problem solved. Honestly, we’d rather it was shorter — no one rocks a power bob like Scully — but we’ll take what we can get.