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Congratulations to Gillian on her second Golden Globe win!!

Tonight Gillian Anderson took home her second Golden Globe for playing late Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in The Crown. Anderson’s first win was for The X- Files in 1997. However the likelihood of the actress reprising Thatcher in the near future is higher than returning as Dana Scully; the paranormal investigator she’s built a career on playing.

Asked whether there was more X-Files in her future, Anderson exclaimed, “Oh, gosh, No.”

Asked her thoughts when the U.S. will see its first female president, like UK broke glass ceilings before with Thatcher as the country’s first female prime minister, the actress answered “Hopefully within the next four years that will happen.”

“It’s interesting playing a character like Thatcher because she’s so divisive. People have opinions (of her) that don’t sit in the middle of the road,” said Anderson.

“To have a woman as President, hopefully it will be a clearer response to the impact of our getting our first woman vice president, and discussed for decades more in that regard,” said Anderson hoping that such a future leader isn’t as controversial as Thatcher.

One takeaway she loved about playing Thatcher: “Not only did she cook food for her cabinet members in the flat above No. 10 Downing Street, but the dish we see her cooking is comprised of leftovers. She’s serving family leftovers to her male cabinet members. I enjoyed that one.”

Source: Deadline

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