June 12, 2021  •  Leave a Reply

I have taken some days to think what to write, what to say. But ultimately words always failed me and tears started falling.
Between the night of wednesday and thursday, the beloved webmiss of this fansite and my dear friend Angie passed away. Now I could be telling you everything about her and the wonderful person that she was (because she was), but I am still angry at something that shouldn’t have happened. Life has always been tough on her, but she was tougher. It didn’t smile too much for her, it didn’t really light the way, but she was hanging around and making sure to fight desperately and keeping attached to it.

Her passing cast a shadow of sadness on the entire fansite community and we will all be grieving for quite a long time I think. But Angie was a loyal good friend to all of us and fansites were the thing that made us all come together and meet with each other.

I feel a deep sense of honor in knowing that, anything had happened to her, she had wanted me to keep going with this fansite which, after all, was the reason why we met. I will probably take another day or two to let my emotions go and then start working on it. For Angie, in her memory, never to forget her passing and the prints she left in everyone’s heart.

Goodbye Angie, have a safe trip towards the new beautiful that awaits you. Thank you for everything you gave us through the years, for the love, the passion, the kindness and generosity that made you the wonderful person you were. We all love you, we always will.