Character: Ship's Computer (E.V.E.)

Written by: Geof Miller

Produced by: Mark Randel, Joseph Selinske

Cast Members: Teresa Castracane, Robert Zenk, Robert Nadir, Krisha Fairchild, Alexandra Shapiro

Released date: November 15, 1996

Genre: Action, Sci-Fi

In this sequel to first person space combat simulation game "Fury³" and a spiritual sequel to the space combat simulator "Terminal Velocity", the Terran Pyrrhic victory over the Bion genetically engineered invaders have left Earth in shambles, which directly led to global economic collapse and rioting. However, the Bions have actually not been entirely defeated and they announce their return for round two by attacking and destroying the training facility where the Earth forces trained their space pilots. A veteran of the previous war is called in to pilot an experimental space fighter called Hellbender and destroy the Bions and their headquarters before they can attack Earth with full force. The player is assisted throughout the game by Hellbender's female A.I. navigator called E.V.E. (short for Enhanced Virtual Entity) that's voiced by "The X-Files" star Gillian Anderson. The story is told through cutscenes. The missions boil down to destroying all enemies and other targets in the area.

Script developed by Never Enough Design