No Pressure

Character: Herself

Directed by: Dougal Wilson

Written by: Richard Curtis, Franny Armstrong

Cast Members: Lyndsey Marshal, Peter Crouch, David Ginola

Genre: Comedy

The four-minute film consists of a series of short scenes in which groups of people are asked if they are interested in participating in the 10:10 project to reduce carbon emissions. Those failing to show enthusiasm for the cause are gruesomely blown to pieces.

Gillian’s Scenes
In the final scene, the actress Gillian Anderson is finishing the voice-over for the interlude just seen. The sound engineer asks her what she is planning to do to cut her carbon footprint. Anderson irritably remarks that she thought providing the recording was a sufficient contribution. The sound engineer repeats the film’s catchphrase, “no pressure”, and detonates Anderson before picking up to leave. The film ends with a shot of Anderson’s gory remains sliding down the sound-booth window with the text “Cut your carbon by 10%. No pressure.”

About “No Pressure” & 10:10 Climate Action
The film was made in an attempt to challenge the “no pressure” attitude often displayed both by governments and individuals towards taking real action on climate change. However, upon its release, the film short provoked an immediate negative reaction in the media and was removed the same day.

In the wake of the film’s withdrawal, Richard Curtis admitted that the attempt to draw attention to the cause of lowering CO2 emissions may have backfired. Curtis said, “When you try to be funny on a serious subject, it’s obviously risky. I hope people who don’t like the little film will still think about the big issue and try to do something about it.”

Notable Mentions
• The film was shot on a location at Camden School for Girls, in the London Borough of Camden, in North London.
• The website and 10:10 organisation no longer exists, but is available to view via The Wayback Archive.
• The film short is available to view on YouTube, but please be aware, it is gory, and therefore not suitable for under 18’s.
• “10:10 Climate Action” is now called “Possible.”

Script developed by Never Enough Design