The House of Mirth

Character: Lily Bart

Directed by: Terence Davies

Written by: Terence Davies

Produced by: Olivia Stewart

Cast Members: Eric Stoltz, Dan Aykroyd, Anthony LaPaglia, Laura Linney

Released date: December 22, 2000

Genre: Romance, Drama

Lily is a ravishing socialite who quickly discovers the precariousness of her position when her beauty and charm start attracting unwelcome interest and jealousy. She seeks a wealthy husband and, in trying to conform to social expectations, she misses her chance for real love with Lawrence Selden. Her quest for a husband comes to a scandalous end when she is falsely accused of having an affair with a married man and is rejected by society and her friends.

Notable Mentions
• Shooting angles for some outdoor scenes had to be changed because groups of The X-Files fans congregated in the background to see Gillian Anderson.
• When Terence Davies cast Gillian Anderson, he was unaware that she was one of the biggest stars on the planet at the time, thanks to her starring role in The X-Files. Davies had never seen an episode.

Character Quotes
• I thought that I could manage my own life, but I have been foolish, foolish to the point of being compromised.
• I have been about too long. People are tired of me.
• Sometimes, I think a man understands a woman’s motives better than her own sex does.
• If obliquity were a vice, we should all be tainted.
• Love me. But don’t tell me so.
• I am a very useless person.
• You speak as if I should marry the first man who came along.

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