We Are One: A celebration of tribal peoples

Character: Herself

Directed by: Mark Rylance

Written by: Joanna Eede (author)

Venue: Apollo Theatre, London

Production Dates: April 18, 2010

The evening featured readings of tribal prose and poetry.

The Book: We Are One
A unique collection of statements from the world’s tribal peoples, from the Yanomami of Brazil to the Penan of Malaysia and the Innu of Canada, which is supported by powerful essays and photographs from international authors, campaigners, politicians, philosophers, poets, artists, journalists, academics, anthropologists, environmentalists and photojournalists.

In a unique display of solidarity that celebrates the 40th Anniversary of Survival International, We Are One’s collective voice celebrates the lives, homelands and values of tribal peoples and explores the relevance of their beliefs and wisdom to the present time. It also highlights the oppression tribespeople are experiencing today, promoting the message that tribal peoples are equal to us: just as modern, just as much part of the 21st century and with just as much right to live in peace.

We are One is both a portrait of the beauty and diversity of tribal peoples, and a call to arms that raises many of the contemporary humanitarian and environmental issues inherent in their fight for survival: the growing universal need to place human values over economic ones; climate change and the destruction of rainforests; why western notions of ‘progress’ and ‘development’ should be redefined and why the tribal values of balance, humility and reciprocity are more important than ever in today’s world.

Script developed by Never Enough Design