What The Night Is For

Character: Melinda Metz

Directed by: John Caird

Written by: Michael Weller

Cast Members: Roger Allam

Venue: Harold Pinter Theatre, London

Production Dates: November 27, 2002 - February 9, 2003

Two people met at a Book Circle ten years ago and had an extra marital affair which ended suddenly and was unresolved. Adam Penzius, a successful New Yorker architect, is a father of one in a marriage that doesn't thrill him. Melinda Metz, a Mid West wife and teacher, is married to an aspiring politician and mother to two boys. These two arrange to meet again in the privacy of her hotel room while she is attending a work related conference. Both are still married, both are still attracted to each other and neither wants to screw up their children's future.

Gillian Anderson happily swaps Agent Scully for a role that requires her to do an emotional striptease; and what she does, with uncommon skill, is peel off Lindy’s protective layers. Starting off as a charcoal-suited hostess, she gradually reveals a woman living on the edge and yearning for someone who can cope with her instability. What Anderson excellently conveys is the sharp wit that often accompanies flakiness. When her lover tells her he wants a woman he can be close to, she snaps back: “Am I a finalist, or was this the first cut?” – The Guardian

Notable Mentions
• Gillian’s London West End stage debut!

Script developed by Never Enough Design