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Welcome to a new version of Radiant Gillian Anderson, restyled, freshened up and colored softly with gentle touches.
I got inspired by Gillian’s modeling works for Dune London in 2020, classy and colorful, just like I see her to be.
Hope you like as much as I do.

The themes are matching for main site (and all its components) and photogallery. Take a look and enjoy!

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Nextdoor is an app where you can recommend a plumber, gossip about neighbors, or even harass a widow in your area. Because it’s a social media site, every discussion ends up turning into a big, stupid argument, so we assembled some of Hollywood’s most beloved actors to recreate a real argument from the app in the first ever installment of Nextdoor Theatre.

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I added to the gallery HD screencaptures of Gillian Anderson in the fifth episode of “The First Lady”.

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The gallery has been updated with HD screencaptures of Gillian Anderson from latest episode of The First Lady.

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The gallery has been updated with Gillian Anderson screencaptures from second episode of The First Lady.

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L’OFFICIEL Cover Star Gillian Anderson discusses preparing for her role as Eleanor Roosevelt in her latest Showtime series ‘The First Lady.’ Not one to shy away from a costume drama, Anderson delves into her past roles as Margaret Thatcher on ‘The Crown,’ and an outfit mishap while filming ‘The Great’ with Elle Fanning. Find out what’s next for the actress who’s already rumored to be an Emmy frontrunner.

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Take a look in the gallery for HD screencaptures of Gillian Anderson in the first episode of The First Lady.

Eleanor commits to Franklin’s uncertain political future; Betty unexpectedly becomes second lady upon Jerry’s nomination; Michelle wrestles with the consequences of Barack becoming the first Black president of the United States.

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There are times when you interview actors, and you suspect they are not so much listening to the questions you ask as waiting for their chance to plug whichever project they’re working on at the moment. (This is also frequently true of most conversations, though non-actors’ projects are typically less glamorous.) Talking to Gillian Anderson is not like that. In conversation, the actress, activist, author, and newly-minted audio show host is generous, frank, and perhaps most importantly in our case, utterly undaunted by the lack of a clear WiFi connection in the Welsh farmhouse where she is staying with her sons for their half-term break.

Anderson, who rose to a peculiar combination of both intense cult and wide global fame in the 1990s thanks to The X-Files has, rather than coasting or playing to type, spent her career becoming one of the most interesting actresses working today, both on screen and off. In recent years she’s appeared in a string of critical and audience hits playing complicated, strong women: The FallSex EducationThe CrownThe Great, and most recently, The First Lady, in which she plays Eleanor Roosevelt, in tandem with Viola Davis as Michelle Obama and Michelle Pfeiffer as Betty Ford. Opportunities to play women like these don’t come along every day, Anderson says: “One kind of has to say yes before you think about it too hard.”

GILLIAN ANDERSON: I have to warn you, I’m in a farmhouse in Wales and the internet is not very good, and I’ve just come in from the side of a mountain, so we’ll just have to see how it goes!

ALESSANDRA CODINHA: No problem, what are you doing in Wales?
GA: My boys are on half term and they race mountain bikes.
AC: Do you bike along too?
GA: No-no-no-no…no.
AC: You’re a very good and patient mother for doing that trip, then. Congratulations, I saw you just won an Icon award at the Canneseries festival. What was that like?
GA: I mean, what I said when I was there is that one can’t really refer to oneself as an icon; it has to be stated by others. And the only way I can really think about [being an icon] at all is in relation to some of the characters that I’ve played who are historical or literary icons in a way. And that if through them that is a perception of me then—lovely!

Read the full article/interview in our press library.

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Red carpet magic: Gillian Anderson showed up in a wonderful shiny outfit for the Premiere of “The First Lady”. I collected some photos, hope you enjoy!

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The gallery has been with additional photos of Gillian Anderson in The First Lady.

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Viola Davis, Michelle Pfeiffer, Kiefer Sutherland, Gillian Anderson, and Dakota Fanning sit down to discuss their new Showtime original series, ‘The First Lady’

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Here’s photos and video of Gillian Anderson at the Jimmy Kimmel Live show a couple days ago, where she talks her weird cake, first acting gig and The First Lady.

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CBS News’ Lesley Stahl sits down with Michelle Pfeiffer (who plays Betty Ford), Viola Davis (Michelle Obama), and Gillian Anderson (Eleanor Roosevelt) about how they approached the roles of women who used the often-hidden power of their positions to change the course of history.