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Find out videos from Kimmel’s youtube channel from yesterday’s talk-show interview of Gillian and David, currently promoting The X-Files reboot!

Video > David Duchovny & Gillian Anderson on Getting Their X-Files Roles
Video > David Duchovny & Gillian Anderson Explain their 90’s Tension

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What a great night. Over 100 HQ images of Gillian, during yesterday’s Premiere and After Party for the reboot of The X-Files, were added to the gallery. Take a look.

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Another event for Gillian yesterday. Take a look at HQ images I’ve added to the gallery!

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Last night was the Golden Globes and Gillian attended two of the after parties. Enjoy the HQ pictures I added to the gallery!

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Take a look on gallery for the new photos of Gillian during yesterday’s Photographs by Kelly Klein Hosted by Barry Diller and Jason Weinberg.

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David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson return for the anticipated X-Files reboot, and ET was on the set getting the scoop on which one star gets stuck with most of the heavy lifting.

The Golden Globe-winning actors got right back into the swing of things for their six-episode event series, reprising their roles as Fox Mulder and Dana Scully, but neither of them can agree on who’s working harder!

“Gillian has got a lot of it. She has got a lot of medical stuff and scientific stuff,” Duchovny told ET. “They gave you the lion share of that crap.”

“You have the lion share of being tortured every episode,” Anderson pointed out.

“I do,” Duchovny admitted. “I just faint apparently, and lose my gun all the time.”

Loyal fans of the series have waited a long time for The X-Files comeback. At its peak, the revered sci-fi drama — which ran for nine seasons from 1993 to 2002) the show pulled in 19 million viewers. But, Duchovny says it wasn’t because of their detective prowess.

“We’ve never solved one case,” he joked. “We are the worst FBI agents of all time.”

The X-Files returns Jan. 24 on Fox following the NFC Championship game.